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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ultimo Siege. 2400

twenty four hours after the escaped prisoner was found hiding out in a flat in Pyront, they settle in for a long night. (apparently, a cop told me, they are getting payed over $600 for the night shift. not bad )

Ultimo Siege

Ultimo Siege

so, i have a near crash with a vespar, right where i had my crash a few weeks ago, which has taken my beloved car, mercury off the road for five weeks!

and then, after the motocyclist slinks off the scene, we turn around the corner, and there are 50 cops, with guns and knee pads and even more press pestering around, and even more residents gossiping and marvelling over the exitement, as a man, a supposed escapee from long bay jail back in Nov 05, hides within a housing commision apartment, fifteen hours have passed since neighbours alarmed police of this man's hiding. he still waits, protected by a cream brick wall. waiting. for what? we'll see. the police mumble on their walkie talkies, the journalists jot down residence's words, and the ex-prisoner waits.

and its only 9.30am.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Love Boat rocks the tides of Sydney Harbour!

you know those days when you sit back for a second, and look around and breathe in the joy and think, this is how i will remember my youth (or in my case, quickly vanishing youth!). well during this whole balmy cruise, as i sipped on cheap alchipops, and danced to the mares, and sang to the valentinos and screamed and jumped to the presets, it was there. already sentimental for the moment i was in. never wanting it to end.

congrats purple sneakesrs and spectrum, and all the cool cats who came aboard, it was one great party.

be my valentino


be my valentino II

aye aye matey!

purple sneakers love boat-the valentinos

Friday, February 03, 2006

RIOT rages through Purple Sneakers, She's Lost Control and Gimme Gimme Gimme

A night of wild delights, with djs from Purple Sneakers, Gimme Gimme Gimme and She's Lost Control; some of sydney's coolest nights joined forces to try out the new PA at the Havana Club on Oxford St.

(aparently the Kings of Leon were kicked out by the bouncer, unawares of their indie fame...sadly i got no shots to prove it, as i was too busy snapping away at these hotties)
RIOT PARTY 25.01.06


smoked out

RIOT PARTY 25/01/06

RIOT PARTY 25.01.06