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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

as a matter of fact i got it now

i can't wait till the weekend. i'm thinking cocktails by day (bondi, how i miss thee) and cocktails by night.

oh, on that note, i am adding here that the judgement bar is the new gaslight is the new jbar is the newer jbar is the....

anyway, we are moving onwards and upwards. away from the social tides, washing us in and out of these establishments, what ever way the new smoking rules or big brother tides carry us. i want dry land. COME!!! i see it ahead, just past that puddle of vodka, and stream of (once was) beer (now fluro yellow strem from mans pants)......

alas, i do not know the name of this new land of booze,
1.without the D grade socialites like myself.

2.where one can go into the powder room without having to wade through a haze of white dreams (i would be fine with this crack house haze if people were more generous!)

3.where a simple bacardi squash and pineapple doesnt cost $8.00 because the bar maid claims she must open two fruit juice bottles for this exotic bev.

4.where pulp doesnt blare out of the jukebox so many times that i start cursing all the common people, coz hell! I LOVE THE COMMON PEOPLE!!!

so prey thee, tell me, where oh where is this paradise, this haven, this kokomo.

once was the jbar, then the gaslight, the jbar, the gaslight, the jbar, the jbar? where oh where is the new beloved jbar???

Sunday, August 21, 2005


when things are going right, and life smells oh so sweet, i got nothing to write.
the tragic russian in me is starved of inspiration. here's hoping i never write again?!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

i went to photograph a competitor in this great Australian event yesterday. now firstly, 60 000 people up before 9am on a sunday, make that 60 001 including me.
secondly, all 60 000 (60 001 minus me ) fit, shiny happy people were about to endevour on a 15 km run, through the hilly eastern suburbs of sydney. and they were all so happy!!!!! and fit!!!!!!

people were stretching their refined limbs, rubbing down their smooth smooth aqualine legs, and there i was photographing it all. i gotta say, this was almost as good as having a camera out on north bondi on a summer weekend. minus the coconut oil.

i got some great shots, i got one of this crazy man strutting around in a garbage bag , and then another one of more crazy men and women strutting around in garbage bags ..and then i realised i was too far out of the athletic world to understand this new phenomena. next there'll be nike garbage bags.

anyway, sunday morning 9am, what a great time to be awake!

by eleven i was back in bed, asleep

Thursday, August 11, 2005

its snowing in Sydney!!!!

Snowing on Sydney Sand
bondi snow

Snowboarding at Bondi By Night
bondi snowboarding by night

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the sun melts through the clouds Day 3.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

work hard. play hard. photoblog day2

tonight i shoot the workshopped opening. an exhibition of young and vibrant; virile designers, such as Danny Cheung, Adam Goodrum, and Tommy Cehak to name a few. exquisite objects, beau monde people (arty celebrity magnet) in one of Sydneys most elegant and timeless buildings, The Strand arcade. work can be so fun!

Monday, August 08, 2005

take a picture, it'll last longer. day 1.

pretend these tracks in the sand are the tracks of a black stallion. i am on the stallion. riding into the sunset. racing it. chasing it. always just at the edge of its shadow. tring to beat time. i never wanted that day to end.

today, i chase the moon of last night, galloping backwards in a futile attempt to flip time upside down.

Friday, August 05, 2005

dancing with the stars (byron II)

Tom Williams, winner of dancing with the stars, and the best part about getaway2. the sweet boys from Cut Copy tried very hard to disguise themselves in fluro sunnies, mod rock cuts, and outfits impecably non-chalant.Lenka (Decoderring) and Ali at the Splendor Afterpartry.
this story is to be continued in my Myspace blog.

aim of the day: snap as many stars (and stripes) as possible. it was tough, and the scars from the trials and tribulations and humiliations of this quests will always remain. but so too will these here piccies.

Monday, August 01, 2005

star struck.

ah the stars were in my eyes at splendour.

the sweetest of sweethearts from bloc party Kele Okereke

the humble but oh so handsome Matt Tong, also from bloc party

its a moby sandwich! may i add here, after i called him a goddamn hippy when he let me know my camera was still on, and then dan said he prefered moby's blog to his website, moby danced away from us
carlos , interpol.... so much to say, a seperate blog is in the works