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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ultimo Siege

so, i have a near crash with a vespar, right where i had my crash a few weeks ago, which has taken my beloved car, mercury off the road for five weeks!

and then, after the motocyclist slinks off the scene, we turn around the corner, and there are 50 cops, with guns and knee pads and even more press pestering around, and even more residents gossiping and marvelling over the exitement, as a man, a supposed escapee from long bay jail back in Nov 05, hides within a housing commision apartment, fifteen hours have passed since neighbours alarmed police of this man's hiding. he still waits, protected by a cream brick wall. waiting. for what? we'll see. the police mumble on their walkie talkies, the journalists jot down residence's words, and the ex-prisoner waits.

and its only 9.30am.


Blogger Beijing Baby! said...

I love your photos.
Strange thing, just found out from your myspace that you graduated from sghs in '99. I started in '00 and graduated last year. small world lol

7:50 PM  

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